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Women Who Sustain Our Business Strength

The Women of the WPN Cary Chapter

An Hour a Week With Great Women

Here is my recipe for feeling like a team when you are no longer going to a corporate office daily and need people to surround and uplift your spirit. Its a big change, moving out of the big business arena, and into the aloneness of your own office and personal schedule as a "solopreneur." Set yourself up with a team of cheerleaders, of encouragers, of people who will notice and support your weekly ebbs and flows, big changes and small adjustments.

I think we do not honestly realize the role we can play in replacing that outer support system for each other. Though I am not a morning person, the effort to drive here and smile my way into this group each Friday morning is well worth it. It provides the reality of "team" to my otherwise very solo business. I am grateful. I learn from each one each week. I wish to give back with this testimonial.

Time to Support, Learn From, and to Praise Others

Marilyn Shannon, the ultimate encourager, is a listener and Coach. In just one hour, she envelopes you with her unique art of listening. She creatively celebrates the nuances of your understandings, your new directions, and your fledgling opportunities as she nurtures your solidity as a business owner. She does this with everyone, anyone, and then writes books about listening to the hearts of men, of twins, "In Just One Afternoon." Known for her radio show, she uplifts us all each week as we grow together as business sisters.

Cindy Prince, a supportive, caring, accomplished professional always has encouraging words and stories to share as well. The respect you feel for her accomplishments and the care she gives her clients is tangible in the wisdom she brings to the table each week. One wonders if the roles we play as women help us in our professional worlds as well as our homes. With Cindy you know they do. We know how to care.

Lindsay Aikman Catherman is the person to see when you need to look your best for the world. This cheerful photographer has a sixth sense about how to help you look as well branded and accomplished as you are. Each week, as you share your successes and attempts to move new mountains, she shares her love, her solutions and her compassion. You feel like you have a true sister.

Kari Vazquez is there to soothe us forward as she brings us the fruits of her relationship coaching skills. Always uplifting and offering gently, she adds the wisdom of her experiences relocating her business to this area, rekindling her own relationships, and newly joining our Cary Chapter.

Tera Boyd delights us each week as she tells the stories of her home-selling adventures, her professional accomplishments, her personal moments of strength and weakness, her love of dogs, and her trusted real estate advice. Her eyes share delight with you as she cheers you with her support.

Jenny Gonzalez Flicker, owner of her own bookkeeping business, provides a sense of trust for us that we can get help to manage our financial transactions. She, too, is there with wisdom when we need it and to celebrate all of our achievements.

Mary Jennings comes often to overflow our wellness pools with useful acupuncture and health news of foods and beneficial ideas. She brought us food choice information today, sharing the truth of fats in our foods. It was a whirlwind of information we could not easily obtain elsewhere.

Barb Louis always adds color to our lives, providing us with entertaining stories of her nail adventures and other home ideas.

All Are Responsible for My Success

That was a simple introduction to my team. It does not include everyone, but all those who were in the photo today and a few more. And I reflect on the fact that none of the people here are directly involved in my design business, but simultaneously they are all responsible for my success.

We can receive training in business skills, and in the business of running a business both here in WPN and elsewhere. We can come together with our own circles of friends and family and coworkers for support. But, the human support of a room filled with the combined experience of these working mothers, sisters, and friends is unmatched in my opinion. It enabled me to build up my business when I first moved here, and again is doing the same as I return to focus entirely on my own business again after some years playing in the corporate arena.

I feel a part of supporting every woman in WomensPowerNetworking, as the web designer and web coach for the organization, sure, but I am also very aware that my nurturing team does so much more to support me. Imagine each week coming to the table with this crew of supportive folks smiling at you and encouraging you. There is no way to lose! The sheer wealth of the combined experience and energy simply sustains, supports, and cheers you on each week. I can't imagine trying to work without it! Thanks for sharing your time with me each week!

If you are not yet a member, come check it out: women supporting women, an unbeatable combination.

Pepper Oldziey, Peppergraphics