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3 Ways to Create Resolutions that Stick

By Lori Bruhns

90 days from today it will be February 8, 2017. So what?

Well, we all love to make New Years resolutions, right? In fact, you probably already have an idea or two in mind about changes you want to make. Maybe you want to lose 50lbs next year, or quit smoking, or get your Etsy shop up and running, or finally quit that dead end job.

Now, ask yourself how confident you are that you will be able to keep that resolution through February 8th. That’s just over a month into 2017 and it’s an important benchmark.

Let’s consider some relevant statistics:

• Only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions.

• Only 64% of people are able to maintain their resolutions past the first month.

• While people in their 20’s achieve their resolutions 39% of the time, people over 50 achieve their resolutions only 14% of the time.

So why is it so hard to make changes stick? Why are we so bad at keeping our resolutions? What can you do now to ensure that you are part of that elite 8% next year?

Here’s the problem with the way we normally create New Years resolutions: we set these goals for ourselves without putting any thought into the steps needed to get there.

Too often, we resort to the “cold turkey method.” We think, “On Jan. 1, 2017 I will wake up and magically be the kind of person who exercises and eats well.” As a result, we set totally unrealistic expectations or we are simply caught off guard when the old habits start to creep back in.

Instead of setting the intention to quit an old habit cold turkey, how about if you focus on creating routines that will remain and help you achieve your goal?

Here are 3 ways to create Routines that Remain:

1. Breakdown your resolution into 3 parts and work on one each month.

For example, if your goal is to quit smoking, spend the first month visualizing the benefits of being a non-smoker. Really feel yourself inhabiting the body of a non-smoker and concentrate on how different you feel.

During the second month, start reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke. The change shouldn’t be too drastic, even skipping one smoke break a day makes a difference. And focus on how even this slight change makes you feel better.

Finally, in month three, make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to become that non-smoker you want to be. Replace your smoking routine with something else that makes you feel good. And celebrate your success instead of dwelling on the negative.

2. If you falter, don’t give up!

The beauty of the 90-day routine, as opposed to the cold turkey method, is that you don’t have to think of one slip-up as failure. If you have a lapse in your routine, get back on track as soon as you realize it.

It’s okay to falter, but don’t let these lapses become habits of their own. If you are tempted to “cheat” on your diet plan, for example, consider what about your routine isn’t working for you and make the needed adjustment.

3. Make your routine a priority!

Don’t sabotage yourself by letting your routine fall by the wayside just because you are having a bad day. If you are vigilant about sticking to your routine, it will give you comfort during times when those old habits try to weasel their way back into your life.

Start to implement these 3 easy steps today and you’ll be on your way to crushing your New Years resolution.

On February 8th, 2017, you’ll be able to look back on today as the day when you joined the New Years Resolution Revolution and discovered how to make meaningful change a reality in your life.

So, leave the cold turkey for the day after Thanksgiving and get on the path to becoming your most Productive You? Contact me TODAY and let’s get you started on your 90-day routine!