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Having a Strong Brand – insights by Embroidery For You!

By Barbara Davidson

Branding seems to be a buzz word when referring to your company’s marketing.

The core of your branding starts with a logo design that will be the image of your company. While all the talk of branding may seem like a buzzword, or a trend, it isn’t. Having a well-designed logo that makes an impression on people is essential to your business’ success! Typically, people have a difficult time remembering names of people. You know what they do remember though?

Logos! Having a logo that catches the eye, will “brand” you in their brain. That is the entire point! You want, and need, to make it so that when it comes to your product or service, people wouldn’t even consider using your competitors. The goal is to dominate your sector, in the eyes of your target audience. This is the measure of effective branding.

Not sold on why you need to brand your business yet? Here are 8 reasons why it is paramount to your success:

1- Credibility - Having an established brand makes you more credible. This is why the notion that branding is for large, corporate companies, with large budgets, is false. If you’re a new business, the last impression you want to give people is that you are “new” or inexperienced.  Having a brand makes you look more professional.  It also shows that you are dedicated and invested in your business.

2 - It shows what your business is made of - It can be viewed as the DNA of your company. It tells people what you do, how you connect and interact with people, and what you want to accomplish for them.

3 - Attract more clients - It is not uncommon for people to make buying decisions based off of the look and feel of a company. If a person is researching a particular product or service online, and there are a plentitude of buying options, they are going to go with who makes them feel good. If you don’t have a brand, you will be quickly swept to the wayside.

4 - Stand out from competitors - A logo helps you stand out from your competitors. If you spend the time to come up with a unique logo and branding strategy, you will find a way to stand out from competition.  A tag line, an image, and color scheme are all things that make you unique.  When you have a clearly defined strategy and brand in place, you will recognize when something doesn’t fit. This can save a lot of time on pursuing other marketing avenues.

5 - Your brand helps you connect with your customers emotionally -  After you have built trust and recognition through your brand, your clients will start to connect with your brand emotionally. This is similar to developing any type of friendship or relationship with a person. Once clients get to know you, they start to like you.  Then they begin to trust you. When this happens, they begin to connect with you on an emotional level and this is when customer loyalty begins.

We are all familiar with the adage that people do business with people that they know, like, and trust.  This still holds true today, and even spills into online marketing. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust as a brand, even when shopping online. Whether it’s online, or in person, there is a fourth factor that should be added to the end of that adage. People do business with people they know, like, trust, and connect with emotionally.

So how do you go about accomplishing that? It’s not really that difficult. The problem lies with business owners being willing to dedicate dollars from their company to the investment in their branding.

6 - Brands help describe a typical line of business - With so many people putting forth effort to hone in on their niche areas of business, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to quickly grasp what it is a particular product is helpful for, or how we could benefit from a specific service.

If you have a “descriptive” logo, meaning visually descriptive, it makes it much easier for people to quickly grasp what it is you are offering, and how it is that it could help them!    Embroidery For You! has purple for its “corporate color”.   

We never attend a design session, client meeting, or networking event without wearing our signature purple apparel with our embroidered logo in bright colors.   

7 - It supports advertising - Advertising is part of your brand too. Where companies sometimes fail with their branding is when it is too narrow, or too broad; both have huge negative effects. Having a demographic that is too narrow can result in not being able to expand into other avenues to grow your business.

This is commonly referred to as being, “pigeon-holed”.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your brand can also be too broad. When a brand is too broad, it makes it almost impossible to create a good or lasting impression. Having the proper branding makes it much easier to pursue the correct advertising avenues.

8 - Brands inspire employee loyalty- There are hundreds of jobs or careers people can choose to pursue to earn an income. So why work for you? Why care about what you and your company value? The average person needs more than just a job description to feel passionate and motivated about helping your business succeed. Having a logo and strong brand helps inspire employees. It gives them more than just a paycheck. It gives them something they can feel good about, and proud to be a part of. There are numerous studies that show when employees believe in the products or services they provide to people through their work, they are not just happier, they are also more productive!   

So what does this all boil down to for you, and your business?   We know the most critical element of branding is the logo, but it doesn’t stop with a well-developed logo. After that, you have to actually do something with it. You need to create a brand strategy and develop promotional lines.

At Embroidery for You! We always say that your left chest is prime real estate.

The left chest of business apparel is an easy way to display your brand and company name or logo.  It shows that you are proud of what your company represents. We embroider work shirts, jackets, and an assortment of other apparel to help brand awareness.  Customers love to receive “stuff” or swag.   Simple promotional items such as can or water coolies, a golf towel, or tote bag is another easy way to display your logo and brand.   

All of these things are important to your company’s success, and even contribute to the level of pay someone is willing to give you. If you’re not dressed well, or you have business cards that are printed off of your home printer, you’re not conveying the strong, established, and reliable message you want to convey.

Take a minute to think about the types of companies that you give your business to. Are they well-established? Do you instantly think about their logo, or a catchy tagline they have? I bet the answer was yes! Take a look at what message your business is currently conveying.

If you’re looking to appear more established, or build morale within your company, feel free to reach out to us for quote on custom embroidered apparel!    

We look forward to “Embroidering For You!

Embroidery For You!

Barbara Davidson

WPN – South County Chapter, St. Louis, MO