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What's the Use in Crying

 By Elaine Bayless, Organizer for the North Raleigh, NC Chapter

It’s time to talk about sadness. This is a difficult emotion to discuss because it is not pleasant. While some people understand the power of a good scare or adrenaline rush, very few people want to feel sorrow, sadness, depression, or agony. Sadness is an emotion that is often classified a symptom of mental illness (bipolar disorder, clinical depression). But sadness, like all the “dark side” emotions, is more than just a symptom or a feeling to avoid.

I’m not talking about pain, because that is its own entry. I am talking about the emotion of sorrow. We grieve for many reasons, but grief is not often allowed in our culture or our day to day lives. Many years ago, after a rough breakup, a friend advised me to try going on an antidepressant. Yes, I was very sad. But an antidepressant wouldn’t have resolved my sorrow. To quote Alanis Morissette, the only way out was through.


Sorrow is valuable because it allows us to process change and transitions.

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