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Executive Roundtable

Executive Roundtable

Women's Power Networking offers a monthly Executive Roundtable event.  These professionally facilitated monthly summits are designed to enlighten and energize professional women everywhere taking  our businesses to the next level of self-motivated success.  We do welcome men to these events as well and are open to members and visitors.

Executive Roundtable
Elaine Marshall Speaks at Roundtable

Here is your opportunity to learn from and share insights with other business leaders and power players about how to grow personally, professionally and profitably. Be sure to take this opportunity to be part of a forum where you can experience being "Extraordinary" by contributing to the various discussions/issues presented by guest facilitators. Our topics are chosen to enhance your skills and bring you to a higher level of personal growth and development. 

As you can see everyone is welcome to attend the roundtable and as an added value we do also offer a special WPN membership as a roundtable member.  We realize that many women a monthly meeting rather than a weekly meeting so to accommodate all women we offer this special monthly membership.  As a roundtable member each woman is invited to attend our coffee and contacts meetings, speak at the meetings, and enjoy full WPN benefits.  For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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2021 Spring/Summer WPN Events


New York

North Carolina

"Why Embracing Culture is the Secret to Your Productivity. Many Cultures; One Network"
Friday, April 16th - 3:00 to 4:30 pm/EST
Humans are a storytelling species and every culture has its story of how lives and careers are supposed to work and be accepted on some level. What are these stories?  What are the secrets behind these stories that become truths that form our productivity that either serve us or don’t?  How will our careers and productivity flourish with these mysteries? 
Join us for an invigorating conversation, where everyone  is encouraged to share their cultural truths and together, let's create a network of one! 
PAID, ACTIVE MEMBERS: FREE (Once registered on Eventbrite, we will send you a link to the party. )
GUESTS: $5.00. (After registering on Eventbrite, we will send you a link to PayPal to pay your registration fee. Once paid, you will receive the link to the party.)
Please RSVP here by 9am/EST on April 16, 2021
We look forward to seeing you there!